Reid Riddiough is a guitarist, composer, and educator based in Queens, New York. His experience includes fourteen years of formal music education, eight years as a professional musician performing extensively in the Phoenix area, and six years as a private instructor of both guitar and piano. Riddiough’s love of music began with the piano, an instrument he began studying at the age of eight. Riddiough quickly became fascinated by composers such as J.S. Bach and Frederick Chopin, as well as Ray Charles and Bill Evans. By the age of twelve, he began studying guitar in addition to piano and began growing very interested in blues, rock, and metal music. From there, he began focusing on guitar as his primary instrument.

Riddiough was introduced to jazz at the age of fifteen when he began attending weekly jam sessions at The Nash, Phoenix's premier jazz venue. Through this experience, Riddiough began delving into the rich history of jazz as well as listening to contemporary composers and improvisers. Additionally during high school, he sought further music education by taking jazz combo classes at Scottsdale Community College under the instruction of Will Goble as well as at Paradise Valley Community College under the instruction of Keith Kelly. These experiences led him to begin performing professionally in the Phoenix area on a regular basis during high school. From there, he was admitted to the Arizona State University Jazz Studies Department, where he studied with Jeff Libman, Michael Kocour, and Lewis Nash and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Jazz Performance in May 2017.

While living in Phoenix, Riddiough became an integral part of the Phoenix jazz community, performing regularly at The Nash, Southern Rail, Carly’s Bistro, and The Lost Leaf. Having relocated to Queens, NY in August 2018, he is quickly establishing himself as a musician, composer, and educator in the New York area. In his experience as a professional musician, he has performed with George Colligan, Will Goble, Eric Rasmussen, Dom Moio, Dennis Rowland, Lenny Roberts and others. Additionally, he has performed in school ensembles with Cyrille Aimée, Miguel Zenón, George Garzone, Marshall Gilkes, Andy Martin, Wayne Bergeron, John Hollenbeck, Darcy James Argue, and Ben Wendel as guest performers.